Overview of weekly analytics

Quick look

Quickly review insights for the selected time frame and the current day. With our real-time analytics capabilities, Rezalu helps relieve stress when applying to jobs.
Details about visitors that viewed your resume

Visitor details

Discover who’s viewed your resume, along with additional details to help you get connected.

Learn which resume sections are getting the most views and if visitors are reading your entire resume.

Returning and unique visitors chart

Visitor types

Knowing if a visitor is new or returning is both informative and exciting. Keep track of the visits your resume is receiving for each day and week.
Average time spent on resume

Average time

We provide data on how long a visitor has viewed your resume. This gives you confidence knowing recruiters and hiring managers are actually reading your resume.

If visitors are leaving after a few seconds, this may provide insight that your resume’s content needs to be adjusted.

Chart of the number of resume downloads


Along with knowing who’s viewed your resume, we also provide analytics on the number of times your resume has been downloaded.

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