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As an applicant, you may not be aware of the application process or how recruiters and hiring managers search and find qualified candidates for their jobs. Our job parsing tool increases your chances of getting an interview and educates you on writing better resumes.

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Avoid rejection

An estimated 90% of large companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to parse your resume when you apply to a job. About 70% of applicants won’t receive an interview because of poor ranking results.

If a resume is not specifically written in a way that correlates to the job description, it can be one of the main reasons you won’t receive an interview.

Job post

Add requirements

Our parser pulls out the most important hard and soft skills from the job post, along with education and certification requirements.

By adding these terms and following our tips, your resume will be properly written for an ATS and avoid rejection.

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Increasing your chances

We’ve integrated two of the leading parsing and matching services for resumes and jobs. By using similar technology as job boards and applicant tracking systems (ATS), better results can be expected when applying to jobs.

Trusted by real companies

Our integrated, third-party resume and job parsing services are used by some of the top companies, both nationally and globally. Create your resume with similar technology and be confident when applying to your next dream job.

Sophisticated, yet simple

Efficiency and accuracy is always our goal. In just a second we can detect the requirements of a job and you can start tailoring your resume.

Find a job

Use any job board, website, or platform to find your next dream job.

Copy & paste

Copy the entire job description and simply paste it into our resume platform.

Fast results

With a click of a button we’ll detect all the requirements your resume should include.

Update & apply

Follow our tips for adding the parsed results and update your resume.

Apply to the job with confidence.

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