Facing the challenge

Over 60% of recruiting agencies use some form of an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage, search, and rank your resume. Rezalu’s resume builder and suite of applicant tools can help you overcome the challenges of ATS scoring and help you rank higher in search results.

Rezalu interface for ranking resume to job

Increase your chances

Using our job parser is essential for improving your resume’s content.

Our resume-to-job matching tool takes it one step further by scoring your resume — giving you details about the skills and requirements it’s located and which ones are missing from your resume.

List of applicants with score in an ATS

Outperform other applicants

Rezalu’s resume-to-job match is a great way to provide you with confidence when applying for jobs.

Resumes with higher ranking scores often have better chances of being seen by recruiters and hiring managers when submitted through a job board and parsed by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

In good company

Our integrated, third-party matching and parsing services are used by some of the top companies, both nationally and globally. Create your resume with similar technology and be confident when applying to your next dream job.

Ranking your resume is quick & easy

Find a job

Use any job board, website, or platform to find your next dream job.

Copy & paste

Copy the entire job description and simply paste it into our resume platform.

Rank your resume

With a click of a button we’ll rank your resume to the job and inform you of both the missing and matched skills and requirements.

Update your resume

When necessary, update your resume with the results to increase your ranking score.

Perfect your score

Rank your resume as many times as needed to achieve a high ranking score.

Finalize & apply

Apply to your dream job with confidence.

Create your ATS-friendly resume with Rezalu

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