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It’s hard to capture one’s experience and talent in words alone. That’s why Rezalu has incorporated a resume portfolio for applicants to showcase their work. Easily share your proudest moments and transform your digital resume into an immersive experience for everyone to enjoy!

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Our resume portfolio accepts various file types such as PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs — we even accept animated GIFs! Our interface is crafted to properly display your images of various shapes on all devices and screen sizes.

PDF, DOC, TXT files

Office Documents

We accept PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Your uploaded documents are displayed elegantly in your resume portfolio, making them easy to read.

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You can upload videos to your resume portfolio from your device or simply add them via YouTube and Vimeo.

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We accept various types of audio files. Once uploaded, your visitors can easily listen to your samples with our audio player controls, giving them the chance to listen over and over again!

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Flexible resume portfolio layouts

Our resume portfolio has the flexibility for multiple layouts. You have the option to upload all of your work to one section or group them by categories like client, company, media type, or whatever else you may need. Categorization brings organization to larger portfolios and helps recruiters and hiring managers understand the type of work you created within specific roles.

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A resume portfolio for everyone

A resume portfolio is not limited to only professionals with creative or technical backgrounds. It takes a team to produce successful outcomes and everyone should be able to showcase the work they’re proud of.

Get creative and share the work that helps you land the job in one streamlined resume platform!

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