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Rezalu’s auto-generated PDF, DOC, and TXT documents

Auto-generated resume documents

Our resume platform automatically generates PDF, DOC, and TXT files for you to use when applying to jobs. Our auto-generated resume templates are optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and follow industry standards.

Personal resume URL

Personal resume URL

Look professional and cutting-edge by sharing your personal resume URL. Your digital resume is accessible anytime you need it and easily readable on any screen size and device.

Share your resume on LinkedIn, send it in an email, a text, a chat, or any other modern way you may come up with.

Resume grammar feature

Mistake-free resume writing

Improve your resume writing and eliminate embarrassing mistakes. Our resume builder checks your grammar and detects misspellings. Use our built-in thesaurus to find additional ways to articulate your professional capabilities.

Easy to use resume builder

Easy resume builder

Creating resumes has never been simpler with our user-friendly resume builder. We’re dedicated to providing you the best resume tools, along with the best user experiences to make the resume creation process easier and more enjoyable. We’re here to help you land the job!

Easy to use resume builder

Resume structure & best practices

We’ve streamlined the resume formatting and structure so you can concentrate on writing your resume. We’ve researched, implemented, and tested resume best practices so you don’t have to. Our ATS-optimized resumes are easy to read and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Professional ATS resume templates

We’ve carefully built and structured your resume template so you can focus on telling your story and why you’re the perfect hire for the job.

Resume cover letter

Cover letter

Get personal and make yourself memorable by writing a resume cover letter. Inform potential employers of who you are, express why they should hire you, and increase your chances of standing out from other candidates.

Top resume section

Top resume sections & advanced resume templates

We provide applicants a starting point for writing their resume by adding the top resume sections to their resume template. Additional resume sections can be added to create advanced resumes for applicants with more experiences and accomplishments.

All resume sections are optional and are easy to add and remove with our user-friendly interface.

Resume portfolio

Resume portfolio

Enhance your resume by adding a portfolio to showcase your work. Upload images, videos, audio, documents, and a description about your role and how the project was a success.

It’s beneficial to include projects and highlights from your work, military, and volunteer sections.

Images of personalized background images and user profile photo


A personal touch can help you stand out from other applicants or even make that initial connection.

Personalize your resume by adding a background color or cover image. You also have the option to add a professional thumbnail.

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