When you’re applying for jobs, you have 6 seconds to make an impression on recruiters. That’s not a lot of time to grab their attention to secure a follow-up conversation or, better yet, an interview. That’s why when you are creating your resume, you should consider working with these 5 must-use resume builder tools to save you time and increase your chances of getting hired.

After testing all of the major resume builders on the market, we discovered they all make the resume creation process more difficult and impose limitations on what you can do. We knew we could create a more streamlined, modern-day resume builder that implemented better user experiences and transformed the traditional resume into an immersive, digital experience that helps applicants land their job. That’s why Rezalu was created.

Now the newest and easiest way to create ATS-optimized resumes, Rezalu offers must-use resume builder tools to make your application process more efficient. The best part? All of Rezalu’s features and resume builders tools are free for a limited time, so sign up right now.

Here are 5 must-use resume builder tools that come with every Rezalu account.

Tool #1: Resume Builder

Unlike some other resume builders on the market, Rezalu’s interface and design is modern and implements applicant tracking system (ATS) best practices to increase efficiency and accuracy. Plus, our platform is mobile-friendly so you can easily create or edit your resume from any location or device.

How it works:

To streamline the process, we provide applicants a starting point by adding the top resume sections (like Summary, Work Experience, Education, Skills) to their resume template. Similar to all resume sections, these are optional and are not required.

If needed, you can choose to add additional sections to your resume template with a click of a button. We know applicants have a wide range of experiences and skills, and sometimes you may need to create advanced resumes to help you land the job.

Our additional resume sections include:

  • Security & Clearance
  • Military Experience
  • Certifications & Licenses
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Memberships & Affiliations
  • Awards & Accomplishments

Each resume section is already structured according to resume and applicant tracking system (ATS) best practices, helping you to focus on writing your resume instead of learning about resume standards.

Top resume sections added to your resume template
Resume sections

Adding a cover letter to inform potential employers on why you are the perfect candidate is as simple as the other resume sections. Write highly compelling and error-free cover letters with our built-in grammar and spelling tools and paragraph styles.

Resume Cover Letter
Resume Cover Letter

When applicable, you can add references to your resume by adding their professional information, LinkedIn profile, and recommendations.

That’s it! In just a few steps, you’ll have your resume created in no time and be prepared to apply to jobs with your high-ranking resume. And don’t forget: Rezalu doesn’t have limits on how many resumes or cover letters you can create, so you can personalize as many as you need for every job you apply to.

Why this resume builder tool is important:

Creating resumes, searching for jobs, applying, interviewing, and getting hired is a tiring and stressful process. Rezalu is dedicated to helping applicants at the beginning stages of the job application process by helping them easily create high-ranking, professional resumes.

Have confidence in us to take care of all the resume related requirements so that you can create resumes quicker and with less stress. It’s crucial that your resume is easy to read and follows the recommended structure to increase your chances of getting hired.

Rezalu’s resume builder is also the only one on the market where you can create a digital resume with your own personal URL that auto-generates ATS-optimized PDF, DOC, and TXT resume templates.
Rezalu’s digital resume and auto-generated (PDF, DOC) resume
Rezalu’s digital and auto-generated (PDF, DOC) resumes

Tool #2: Resume Portfolio

Rezalu is the only resume platform that incorporates a resume portfolio to help you showcase examples of your work. Your portfolio is professionally designed to elegantly display your proudest moments.

We accept a variety of file types that include:

  • Images
  • Animated GIFS
  • Videos
  • YouTube and Vimeo uploads
  • Audio
  • Website URLs
  • Office documents(DOC, Excel, PPT, PDF)
Rezalu’s Resume Portfolio
Rezalu’s Resume Portfolio

How it works:

You can add a resume portfolio directly from our resume builder. For your convenience, you have two options for creating a portfolio:

  1. A grid of thumbnails that groups all of work into one section.
  2. A portfolio categorized into various sections.

While both options are perfectly suitable for showcasing your work experience, a categorized portfolio becomes more useful when you need to organize your content (for example, you may want to categorize a section relative to one of your roles or companies you worked for).

  • Portfolio sections and uploads are unlimited — add as many examples of work as you need.
  • You can easily rearrange the order without having to rewrite or re-upload your content.
  • Each portfolio section can have a title and description to inform users what they are viewing.
  • Each uploaded portfolio item is accompanied by a title, a description, and an external link. You should provide details about the piece of work you uploaded and what your role was. The external link, when needed, provides an opportunity to direct visitors to the final result.

Why this resume builder tool is important:

A digital resume with a portfolio can increase your chances of getting an interview. Your portfolio will directly show your capabilities and the projects you were associated with. Plus, you no longer have to spend countless hours creating a separate portfolio website or pay additional money to host it. Rezalu has transformed the traditional resume into a complete digital application. Our resume portfolio is fully integrated at no additional cost.

Create your free portfolio with our resume builder now.

Tool #3: Resume Insights

Let’s face it, every applicant has sent a number of resumes and has wondered if anyone has even viewed it. Rezalu is excited to offer a solution to this problem with our real-time insights. This feature is automatically added to all your digital resumes at no additional cost.

How it works:

Anytime a visitor views your digital resume via your personal URL, we’ll deliver impactful analytics. Insights for the current day, along with the grand total will be displayed and you will have the option to aggregate the data into specific timeframes.

We provide insights for:

  • Anonymous and authenticated users that viewed your resume.
  • New vs returning visitors.
  • The number of times your resume was downloaded as a PDF, DOC, or TXT.
  • The average time someone spent viewing your resume.
  • The amount of times a resume section was viewed.
Rezalu’s Resume Insights
Rezalu’s Resume Insights

Why this resume builder tool is important:

Resume insights help you create better resumes and relieves the stress of wondering if someone has viewed your resume. When authenticated users view your resume, you’ll have the capability to create connections and view their profiles.

Find out how resume insights can boost your application.

Tool #4: Job Parser

How it works:

Thoroughly reading the job description should be your first step, but using Rezalu’s Job Parser should be your next. We’ll accurately parse every job requirement that should be included within your resume.

Our Job Parser can quickly parse job posts in just a couple of steps:

  1. Copy the entire job description from any job board or website.
  2. Paste the job description into Rezalu.
  3. We’ll return highly-accurate job requirements that should be added to your resume such as:
    • Job title
    • Hard and soft skills
    • Certifications and licenses
    • Education
Rezalu’s job parser
Rezalu’s Job Parser

Next, you should update your resume with the parsed results. For ease of use, you can download the results as a PDF.

Why this resume builder tool is important:

Writing high-ranking resumes is not as easy as you may think. Reading the job description and adding all the requirements requires the understanding of how applicant tracking systems (ATS) work. With Rezalu’s Job Parser, you don’t need to spend time educating yourself about the various softwares companies use and how they parse resumes.

We provide a step-by-step guide on improving your resume and how to add the parse job results to your resume. Without adding applicable job requirements, your chances of getting an interview significantly decrease.

Check out the Job Parser feature now.

Tool #5: Resume to Job Match

After you’ve written your resume and added all the job requirements using our Job Parser, you should rank your resume to the job to ensure you’re highly qualified.

How it works:

Here’s how to rank your resume to a job with Rezalu:

  1. Select the resume you’ve created that you want to use for the job application.
  2. Paste the job description or select an existing one that was previously saved.
  3. View your results:
    • A total ranking score from 0 - 100.
    • Ranking scores for each job requirement.
    • A curated list of missing and matched results for skills, certifications, licenses, and education.
    • The original parsed job.
    • A link to download the results as a PDF.

This process should be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure your total ranking score is 70% or higher. Update your resume to include the missing results and re-rank your resume. Once you are happy with your score, use your high-ranking resume to apply to the job.

Rezalu’s Resume to Job Match
Rezalu’s Resume to Job Match (featuring poor ranking resume)

Why this resume builder tool is important:

The job market is highly competitive — on average, recruiters receive 250 applications per job posting. Rezalu can increase your chances of getting an interview by helping you create a high-ranking resume that outperforms your competition. Explore our Resume to Job Match feature now.

Explore our Resume to Job Match feature now.

It’s time to take advantage of these resume builder tools

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