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Creating resumes has never been simpler with our user-friendly resume builder. Our clean, clutter-free interface makes the resume creation hassle-free and enjoyable.


Spend less time researching resume best practices, learning new programs, and struggling with content structure and design. Concentrate on your resume content and telling your story on why you should be the next employee.


You have roughly 7 seconds to grab an employer’s attention. Your resume needs to be well-structured and easy to read. Our resume template ensures you have a professional resume and your content is structured properly.


We’ve partnered with various resume professionals and recruiters to ensure we’ve optimized our resume template for applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Fewer errors

Resumes submitted through an applicant tracking system (ATS) have a greater chance of performing poorly if not carefully crafted. Our resume template has been tested to ensure it’s properly parsed and uploaded properly, increasing your chances of getting a response.



Your resume is ATS optimized and we’ve added all the general sections a resume should contain, along with a few extras for when you need more ways to showcase your experience.


Showcase examples of your work or projects you were a part of with our creative portfolio feature. Upload office documents, images, videos, audio, and links to external sites. Transform the traditional resume into a professional portfolio displaying all of your strengths.

Extract keywords

Easily find what ATS resume keywords you should use by extracting them from a job post.


Compare your resume to a job post and see how you rank before applying to a job. Employers, when using an ATS, will typically read high-ranking resumes, while others not tailored to the job post requirements could be missed.


View the number of times your resume has been seen, if the visitor is new or returning, how many times your resume has been downloaded, and what content is gaining the most attraction.


Write better resumes and avoid mistakes. Use our built-in thesaurus to find additional ways to articulate your professional capabilities.


Add a cover image or background color to add a personal touch. Upload a profile image or leave it empty.


Your own personal URL

Easily share your resume with a personal URL.

Unlimited resumes, downloads, uploads

There’s no limit to the number of resumes you can create or the number of times it can be downloaded or uploaded to applicant and HR systems.

A modern-day resume

Your resume is more than a paper document(PDF, DOC, TXT). It’s a feature-rich, professional website to share with others. Unlike traditional resumes, digital versions have a number of benefits when it comes to content, editing, accessibility, employer software, and applicant tracking and HR systems.

Duplicate resumes

Duplicate existing resumes and quickly create new versions based on job descriptions.

Auto-generated formats

No more worrying about the best resume format for your job application. Our platform seamlessly creates various resume formats for you.

Sharing is easy

Send your personal resume URL to an employer and let them decide if they need to download a PDF, DOC, or TXT document. Your resume is always accessible.

Post to social

Post your resume to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter with a click of a button from our platform.


Email one or many people without having to leave our platform. We’ve included a generic message and introduction on your behalf.

Private & public resumes

Allow anyone to view your resume by setting it to public or restrict access by making it private.

Privacy matters

To protect your contact information, it’ll never be publicly accessible to visitors. They’ll only be able to view your contact details once they’ve been authenticated by our platform or if you share a private resume.

Stay organized

By having all of your resumes in one location you can easily see which resume was last edited and name resumes based on the jobs you’ve applied to.

Track jobs

Track the jobs you’ve applied to or the ones you’re interested in. Take notes about the company, application process, and interview, and create a timeline of events.

Define your interests

Clearly state whether you’re actively looking for a full-time or part-time position, or interested in unique, freelance, or volunteer opportunities. Receive job opportunities that accurately align with your interests.


Create, edit, and share your resume, anywhere, anytime, by using your mobile device, desktop or laptop computer.

Viewing confidence

Have confidence in knowing your future employer won’t have issues opening your resume based on their software or the way you’ve created your resume in another program.

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