Beginning with an idea of creating a modern-day resume and evolving to provide the help job seekers need with the application process, we’re facilitating the creation of professional resumes that accurately align with the role the candidate is seeking while reducing rejection.


Writing compelling content for your resume is a difficult task. We believe applicants should be able to focus on telling their story hassle-free, while having confidence in our platform to do the rest.

Employer Platforms

There are plenty of platforms and services focused on employers, however, there’s nothing similar for applicants, or at least nothing with the type of features and ease of use that we would like to see. These factors helped us realize there’s an opportunity to build something meaningful. We can help people land their dream job — whether it be their first one, someone later in life making a career change, or one applying for a c-level position.


There are plenty of resume builders that exist but they're not really beneficial, because, at the end of the day, the applicant is left with just a downloaded document, created through a clunky user experience. They fall short in providing applicants with value and guidance.
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A resume platform, not just a resume builder

Rezalu is an applicant-first platform, with a resume builder at its core that integrates features to enhance the job application process — connecting you to employers and recruiters faster. We’re helping you land your next role, and making it more enjoyable.