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Now partnering with, a career platform that connects you directly to recruiting professionals and gets you well-prepared for a highly competitive job market. The platform’s development resources include live career coaching assistance, better presentation tools, and expedites the hiring process.

Easy resume builder

If you’re looking to create a resume that gets seen by hiring managers, Rezalu is for you. Our feature-rich resume builder and resume tools takes the stress out of building a resume.

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A resume builder built for applicants

Your resume, built for today

When you have roughly 7 seconds to grab an employer’s attention, your resume needs to stand out.

Rezalu is a modern-day resume builder, complete with a personal URL, that implements ATS best practices so you can spend more time preparing for job interviews and less time worrying if your resume gets seen.

Professional & validated

Rezalu is an ATS-friendly resume builder. All of the resume best practices are already applied to your content — no extra formatting required.

Fast & painless

Creating your resume shouldn’t be the hardest part of getting a job. Our easy resume builder is focused on making the resume creation process simple. We believe we’ve built the best resume platform for the modern, digital world.

Share & apply

Rezalu makes it easy to send your improved resume — simply share your personal URL or download one of the auto-generated PDF, DOC, or TXT documents. Apply to jobs with confidence by using Rezalu.

Real-time data

Unlike other online resume platforms, Rezalu provides meaningful data about how your resume is performing. See how many people viewed your resume, how many times it’s been downloaded, and the sections gaining the most views.

Create your digital resume today

Your professional online identity awaits

Our professional resume templates can increase your chances of success and make an impression on employers. Rezalu’s templates clearly tell your story and make content easily readable.

Our auto-generated PDF, DOC, and TXT documents ensure you’re prepared for any job application.

Improving your resume is easy

Get started now and create your first resume online in minutes with just a few clicks.


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Our ATS-friendly resume platform helps recruiters

Rezalu makes screening applicants and reviewing resumes easier

Learn how Rezalu can help you with your day-to-day efforts and place applicants faster.

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